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History of the Fat Canary

The Fat Canary started out as a printed journal featuring the work of contemporary and emerging artists.  Due to the pandemic we switched it up to a digital journal and gallery.  In 2023 our website provider decided we went against their "ethics" rules (for stating publicly that we support LGBT artists ). In three days time (over a holiday weekend),  they wiped us out.  They killed the Canary and all her archives. (Life lesson - back up all your digital work on your hard drive!)


Even though we don't have all our past issues available it is with great pleasure that we  share our artist list which includes a snapshot of their work and their website address .   

This year is our first feature exhibit at CERES Gallery in NYC.  We were also part of two social justice exhibits. A cross-country/international exhibit called Artists for Social Justice 2020  happened during  2020 and OUR CHOICE was held at the ARC Gallery in Chicago.

If you want to view a short version of our archives, please click on the link below.  Go buy some art! Support your local artist!

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Archive Overview

Click on this LINK to check out the artists who have been featured on the FAT Canary!

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