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at the ARC Gallery & Educational Center in Chicago, IL

OUR CHOICE opens at the ARC Gallery on April 27, 2023 with

the Opening Reception on Friday, April 28th from 5 to 7pm

The exhibit runs through May 20, 2023 

our body, our choice

Living as the female of the human species has many challenges, from birth onward. There is childhood conditioning which pushes girls to adhere to societal norms. Women are taught to defer to men in power situations, dress in a certain way so as not to sexually stimulate men. At the same time young women must adhere as closely as possible to the body shape most desired by men, or risk bullying and ridicule. In short, women are taught that their worth comes from men, how men perceive and value them is what matters most.


There is also the constant fear of pregnancy by rape or accident or thoughtlessness. The burden is on women to handle birth control and pregnancy, because they bear the children.  All of these pressures are compounded for those in our transgender and nonbinary community.


Access to abortion is necessary because women need the freedom to decide whether or not to carry a child. Men cannot be relied on, and women can’t do it alone. They need the federal government to protect their right to choose what to do if they get pregnant. And the government is not able to secure those rights at this time. This group of artists feels compelled to act now by making artwork that states their feelings on this dangerous assault on women. What we do with our bodies is OUR CHOICE.

featuring the work of the following artists

 Special Feature on  artist Maggie Rose's Bone Ladies 

Press Release is here

for more information on this exhibit and these artists please visit:

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