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We are an artist run platform celebrating the talent of contemporary and emerging artists. Formed in 2018, the Fat Canary  was created to offer an alternative space for artists to share their work. In 2020 a virtual gallery was added.


As artists ourselves, we realize that we are responsible for creating our own opportunities. Exorbitant fees for submitting or to exhibit work should not be the norm.  As a curated platform, artists are invited to exhibit their work. We do not charge a fee. All sales inquiries are referred directly back to the artist. All images on this site are used with permission,  and all rights remain with the artist. 


In 2022 we are considering holding in-person, pop-up exhibits for a nominal fee. We believe in total transparency, therefore all costs will be made available to the participating artists. Unfortunately, due to a recent uptick in covid cases, we have decided to postpone these in-person exihibits until later this year.  We will continue as a virtual gallery until it is again safe to gather in person.

If you would like to be considered for an artist feature please email  We will reply to you as soon as possible.  If you would like to volunteer as a Fat Canary Curator please let us know! This is an artist managed effort. The more the merrier!


The Fat Canary is part of that movement to truly support artists and their art. Future projects may include artist workshops, zoom discussions, and interviews. Stay tuned for more from the Fat Canary!

Below are links to past issues and exhibits.


Fat Canary Journal 2018

Fat Canary Journal 2019

Fat Canary Journal 2020 Summer

Fat Canary Journal 2020 Winter


Robin Kappy

Rochelle Shicoff

Self-Portraits in the Pandemic

Guglielmo Botter

Patrice Sullivan

Keiko Nabila Yamazaki

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