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Deborah Katz

Lasting Impressions

Indigo love 22x22 oil on paper.jpg

I am a painter of the natural world.  I am intrigued with moments in nature, light speckling through the leaves of trees, colors and shapes merging and playing against one another, the denseness and openness plants occupy space.  The way one shape dissolves and is replaced by another. The atmosphere, a presence without form.   I’m always working towards the process of balancing spontaneity with deliberate intent. These are qualities that make up my process.

 My painting stems from abstract forms and shapes, colors and lines, until I generate or develop what I think alludes to resembling nature.   I try to keep an ambiguity in my work allowing the viewer his own interpretation, a kind of “visual music”.  I also try to achieve movement and harmony and an interplay of color and shape. 

Although my driving force is representational, referencing nature, the process becomes more of a state of mind.  An openness, a new way to see, I look to keep it a bit poetic and with a bit of mystery. Influenced by many periods of art, I find myself relating mostly to the Abstract Expressionists, feeling most comfortable labeling myself as a Contemporary lyrical Expressionist.  Painting is inspiration for my imagination, its exciting, frustrating, stimulating and calming all at once.

I have been studying and examining nature my entire life and the more I learn the more abstract it appears to me.   I lived on a 700 hundred acre arboretum on Long Island, NY, for 10 years as a young child.  That experience is rooted in my soul existence.  As I matured I’ve became aware of the significant and extraordinary impact that time was for me.


Deborah Katz

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