January 2019 Feature Artist - Ben Robinson


grain silo

Ben Robinson was born in Dillsboro, a rural town in southern Indiana. He studied photography at Indiana University and received his BFA, along with a minor in Art History, in 2016. Ben moved to Bangkok, Thailand shortly after graduating, where he lived for two years.  He has now returned to Chicago, Illinois. His work has been exhibited in galleries both in the United States and in Thailand, and has been featured in fine art magazines such as Photographer’s Forum and Canvas Creative Arts Magazine. In addition, a handmade book of photography was admitted to the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute.

Ben's artwork deals with a wide variety of concepts, inspired by personal experiences and art history. His work  questions and raises important social, cultural and political issues, and often pushes the boundaries of art and photography, using traditional methods in non-traditional ways.


country road

Unbiased Documentation of Rural Southern Indiana:

An insider's look at the backwards and beautiful country

I am from small-town America. The kind of town where most people are born, raised, live and die within a 15-mile radius. Partially because of this, there is a small-mindedness that breeds in these areas. When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to escape. I didn’t want to end up like my countless peers, who never left Indiana. 

However, I respect other lifestyles as different (not wrong) and I appreciate some of the opportunities and values my rearing awarded me. I feel an undeniable allure to the beauty and simplicity of my hometown. 

This work explores notions of home, roots and nostalgia. As well as trying to reconcile political, theological and ethical differences. The images, shot using a 4x5 view camera, expose an inner struggle; spawned by my childhood home. 

American flag and church



 deer and rebel flag

mobile home, two RVs and a van

state champs 1954


Ben Robinson

773-673-2478 | bdrobin93@hotmail.com www.BenRobinsonPhotography.com

437 E Oakwood Blvd, #45, Chicago, IL 60653


Indiana University, B.F.A., Photography 2016

Selected Exhibitions:

2017 - Tentacles Gallery, “Tentacles TV,” Bangkok, Thailand 

2016 - Grunwald Gallery, “Pornograms,” Bloomington, IN USA

2016 - Harlos House, “Mythic,” Bloomington, IN USA

2016 - Blueline Gallery, “Pop-up Show,” Bloomington, IN USA

2015 - Grunwald Gallery, “BFA Area Show,” Bloomington, IN USA

2014 - Alternative Gallery, “Memento Mori,” Bloomington, IN USA

2014 - Grunwald Gallery, “Overseas Study Show,” Bloomington, IN USA


“Still Lifes,” The Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN USA. Acquired 2016


“No. 18” & “No. 26,” SOIL Magazine, Volume 1: Somatophobia, 2018

“Crazy Stairs,” Canvas Creative Arts Magazine, Volume 18: Issue 2, 2015

“Honey Man,” Photographers’ Forum, Best of College & High School Photography, 2015

Awards & Grants:

Henry Holmes Smith Scholarship, IU School of Art Architecture & Design, 2016

Undergraduate Creative Activities Grant, Hutton Honors College, 2015

International Experiences Program Grant, Hutton Honors College, 2014

Area Prize in Photography, IU School of Art Architecture & Design, 2013 & 2014

old truck

the front lawn

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