October Fat Canary Journal Artist - Deborah Katz


Bird Song

Around me the trees stir in their leaves
and call out, “Stay awhile.”
The light flows from their branches.

And they call again, “It’s simple,” they say,
“and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine.”

From Mary Oliver’s When I am Among the Trees

Indigo to Crimson

There are some works of art that do not require an introduction. This is the case, where words are too heavy for the euphony of light and color dancing through Deborah Katz's paintings.  This self-taught artist finds inspiration from nature, trees and the hues of the seasons.  Each piece easily stands alone a symphony of joyful color and movement

The Fat Canary Journal is happy to share them with you, on these first days of autumn.  

A Secluded Retreat


I am a painter of the natural world. I am intrigued with moments in nature, light speckling through the leaves of trees, colors and shapes merging and playing against one another, the denseness and openness plants occupy space. The way one shape dissolves and is replaced by another. The atmosphere, a presence without form. These are some qualities that make up my process.

My painting stems from abstract forms and shapes, colors and lines, until I generate or develop what I think alludes to resembling nature. I try to keep an ambiguity in my work allowing the viewer his own interpretation, a kind of “visual music”. I also try to achieve movement and harmony and an interplay of color and shape. Although my driving force is representational, referencing nature, the process becomes more of a state of mind. An openness, a new way to see, I look to keep it a bit poetic and with a bit of mystery. Influenced by many periods of art, I find myself relating mostly to the Abstract Expressionists, feeling most comfortable labeling myself as a Contemporary lyrical Expressionist. Painting is inspiration for my imagination, its exciting, frustrating, stimulating and calming all at once

I have been studying and examining nature my entire life and the more I learn the more abstract it appears to me. As a young child I lived on a 700 hundred acre arboretum on Long Island, NY, for 10 years. That experience is rooted in my soul existence. As I matured I’ve became aware of the significant and extraordinary impact that time was for me.

For the Love of Freedom

Further to Fly

Till the Sunbeams Find Me



D e b o r a h K a t z



I am a native Long Islander, and reside and work on Long Island. After studying at SUNY Stony Brook, I worked in New York City Theater. Although I consider myself a self-taught artist, I’ve studied with Eleanor Dragonette, Carl Molno, Betty Holliday, and Stan Brodsky over the past 25 years. Completed workshops with Craig Taylor, Honor Mack and Deborah Zlotsky at MassArt.  Presently, I am the curator at the Alfred Van Loen Gallery, SHPL for the last 12 years.

 Violets in Blue

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018     Two Person Exhibit "Land, Sea & Sky" Gallery North, Setauket NY
2016     OMNI Gallery Invitational Group Show "Colorful Visions", Uniondale NY
2016     “Curiosity and Surprise,” invitational group show, HAC Main Street Gallery, Huntington, NY
2016     St Joseph's College Patchogue, NY,"Abstract Paintings" Board Room Gallery, curator Stacey Weir
2015     RIPE Gallery, Huntington N.Y. Stan Brodsky and Friends exhibit curated by Stan Brodsky
2015     Islip Art Museum, N.Y. "IAM Pocket Sized" curator Rhonda Cooper
2015     Omni Gallery, Uniondale, N.Y. "Unclear: Abstract Interpretations" curator Dawn Lee
2014    Gallery 705 Stroudsburg, PA International Black&White curator Edward Evans
2014    SW State University Minnesota Museum, "Primarily B & W" curator Edward Evans
2013    Noho/M55 Gallery, “Artists’Choice” Invitational, NY, NY
2013    Jeanne Tenglesen Gallery, “Earth & Water” Invitational Exhibit Dix Hills, NY
2013    Sands Point Decorators Showcase, Port Washington, NY
2013    Bryant Library Roslyn “The Next Level” Roslyn, NY
2012/13 Gallery North “Deck the Halls” Invitational exhibit Setauket, NY
2012    Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Dix Hills NY “Critical Thinking: 12 in “12”
2011    Gallery North “Watercolor-Layered Light”, Setauket NY
2011    Revealing the Source, Flushing Town Hall, Flushing NY
2009    Long Island Artists’ Juried by Andrew Arnot , Tibor de Nagy Gallery, Dix Hills
2006    Beyond Reason, Flushing Town Hall, Flushing NY
2006    Art-trium Gallery, member’s show, Huntington Arts Council, Melville, NY
2005    Jennie Tengelsen Gallery, Long Island Artists, Juried Show, Dix Hills, NY
2005    Alfred Van Loen Gallery, South Huntington, NY,
2005    Mills Pond House Gallery, Smithtown Arts Council, NY , Juried Show
2005    Spinnato Gallery, Juried Show, Setauket, NY
2004    Contemporary Art Gallery, Port Washington NY
2004    Pathways Women’s Diagnostic Center, Manhasset ,NY
2004    Vibrations, Juried Flushing Town Hall, Flushing NY
2003    Jeanne Tengelsen Gallery member’s exhibit Huntington NY
2001   TAG Graphic Eye Gallery, Port Washington, NY
2000   bJ Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY

Selected Solo Exhibits:

2017 Roslyn Village Gallery, Roslyn, NY
2013 Sea Cliff Art Association Sea Cliff, NY
2005 NorthWinds Show, Port Washington, NY
2004 Alfred Van Loen Gallery , South Huntington, NY
2001 NorthWinds Show, Port Washington, NY


2007 Honorable Mention, Art League of LI, Dix Hills NY2008 Honorable Mention Juried Show, “Concepts of Landscape” Huntington NY
2005 Honorable Mention, Spinnato Gallery, Setauket NY

Curator & Gallery Director: Alfred Van Loen Gallery, South Huntington, NY Since, 2006 - Columnist: Huntington Village Connection Magazine: A Studio Visit ( Conversations with an Artist 2012)


Juror for 2018 "Art in the Park" Huntington NY
Selection Committee for 2018 Fire Island National Seashore Artist in Residence Program
The Long Island Art League (member of Exhibition Committee), and Flushing Council of the Arts, Huntington Arts Council, NY.
Juror for “Art in the Park” Huntington NY 2011
Juror for 2012 “Bedazzeled” Long Beach, NY Art League
Juror for 2015 "Driven to Abstract", HAC Huntington NY
Juror for 2015 "Holiday Fine Artist" ALLI Dix Hills NY


Stony Brook University Medical Hospital, Stony Brook, NY
Mr. and Mrs.Dennis and Susan Bunder, NYC
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Avril Long Island, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo and Lillianna DeMartino, Glen Cove, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Caryn Farber, Glen Cove, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Mildred Farber, N. Bellmore, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Meryl Zerwitz, Dix Hills, NY
And Others

“Like musical notes, fragments of color move through Deborah Katz’s mixed media
collage” Tina Seligman, curator/columnist

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  • "Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing - and keeping the unknown always beyond you." Georgia O'Keeffe